Ups and Downs

Diary of a Building Sub: Day 2

We knew it was coming. Hurricane Ida was making her way north. She’d already wreaked havoc down south, but I think we all figured by the time she made it all the way up here she’d be a bit of wind and rain and not a big deal anymore.

Last night we got torrential rain and gusting wind and power outages and lightening and thunder and tornado warnings and wow! It was intense.

By about 3 or 4 a.m., however, things had settled down and the power was back on, so I was all set for another day at school… probably in Life Skills. Sigh.

I was super pleased when I got a sub notification letting me know I was going to be covering a science class instead. Yay! So I finished getting ready, packed my back, took a few minutes to brainstorm filler activities for science, and was all set to head out. I figured I’d check my email quickly just to see if the teacher I was subbing for emailed plans. There weren’t any plans in my email, but there was an email from the principal. Seems the school basement flooded and they were closing the school for the day… and maybe tomorrow, too.

Drat. I was so ready.

It’s fine, though. This is the beauty of being a building sub instead of a per diem sub–I’m still getting paid for today.

But truly, I hope they can sort it out before tomorrow. I’m itching to get into the school routine.

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