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The M.E. Braddon Association Website

When I started researching Mary Elizabeth Braddon, one of the first sites I came across was Mary Elizabeth Braddon–Sensation Victorian. Sounds perfect, right? It’s got biographical and bibliographic information, as well as recent news on M.E.B. which could be really useful. AND it’s written by a PhD, a doctoral candidate, and a lecturer on nineteenth century literature. It seems like a legitimate resource.

Here’s the problem:

While the information might be legitimate, I don’t know where the people who created the site got THEIR information. They didn’t cite any references. Even though they say they are experts, I would have to verify that they really are. The website isn’t backed by a university or educational institution, so I don’t know if anyone is fact checking their material. I think using information from this site might be more work than finding another cite with better credentials.

The Victorian Web website has a page on M.E. Braddon, too. This website tells me exactly who wrote the information, where they got their information, and it lists all their resources at the bottom of the page. If I had to choose between the two websites I found, I would definitely go with the Victorian Web.

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