Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

A strong and well-functioning Professional Learning Community has the potential to accomplish a number of profoundly impactful things for both students and faculty.  A PLC and embraces the idea that a school should ensure learning for all helps teachers balance the challenge of ensuring students have mastered essential outcomes while simultaneously covering required course content.  PLCs do this by quickly identifying students who could benefit from additional time and support and planning timely interventions rather than depending on remediation.  I believe that a commitment at the community level to coordinated strategies for struggling students can result in improved results for students and higher confidence and success rates for educators.

PLCs also encourage a culture of collaboration.  Schools where educators are supported in deep team learning and collaborative classroom practices not only support higher levels of student achievement but also foster educator growth and development.  PLCs model the benefits of cooperation and life-long learning for their students.  PLCs also utilize parents and community members to support student journeys, giving them the opportunity to share their expertise and support classroom activities.  I believe that this holistic approach to student learning and growth provides the best model for civic responsibility and future success.

Finally, PLCs have the ability to analyze their effectiveness and work together to improve student achievement through regular reviews of results and focused goal shifts as needed.  By working together on common formative assessments throughout the school year, PLCs can quickly identify areas of concern and work together to adjust strategies and approaches.  I believe in the collective power of educators to implement the best practices that can lead to the greatest amount of success for their students.  Educators are, as a group, committed, persistent, and strongest when we work together.

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