New Books

I spoiled myself today and got a few new books at Barnes & Noble. Interestingly, all three of my picks have male protagonists. They Both Die at the End has me seriously intrigued with such a spoiler for a title. I’ve also read that Anger is a Gift is very topical–I love a good social justice novel! However, I’m going to start with Autoboyography by Christina Lauren. It appears, at first glance, to be a teen romance with a twist. I’m curious to see how Provo culture and the LDS religion will be portrayed. I’m hoping the authors did their research and give their readers a realistic depiction of Mormonism in the valley.

When I read, I always have an eye towards possibly teaching the novel. Autoboyography promises themes like the pros and cons of authenticity, coping with otherness, and the perils of requited/unrequited love. Future updates coming soon.

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