I Want to Meet a Caracara

A friend of mine is, like me, an avid reader, and we often exchange book recommendations. He’s also a dedicated amateur birder, so I wasn’t too surprised when he recommended A Most Remarkable Creature by Johnathan Meiburg. My friend called it “narrative science,” which is a very apt description of this very engaging and interesting book. Aside from all the fascinating science and history, the prose is lovely and really draws you in. Meiburg traces the discovery, evolution, and current state of a uniquely social and inquisitive bird-of-prey called a caracara. Along the way, readers learn about Darwin and Hudson and dinosaurs and behavioral science and different cultures and tidbits of history and biology and paleontology and so many different topics. I was captivated! It would be an interesting book to assign for an ELA/Science collaboration, maybe at the high school unit. Generally, though, it’s just a really good casual read.

Also… I desperately want to go meet some caracaras now. I may need to plan a trip to the Falkland Islands… or Guyana… or Chile. How cool would a student trip to one of those places be with an ELA teacher and a foreign language teacher and a science teacher chaperoning?

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