It’s official, folks! I will be working in the fall. I got a position as a building substitute (for those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means I go to the school every day, whether they need a sub or not–but usually they do, and I either sub or I help out around the building with whatever they need). Is it a full-teaching position? No. Is it what I was hoping for? No. Will I actually get to teach English this year? Probably not.


It’s a step up from per diem subbing.


It’s at a local middle school–my favorite grades–so I’ll get to know the kids well, and that’s lots of fun. Also, it’s a low-pressure way to ease back into daily work and student interactions. No lesson prepping for me, no back-to-school nights, no parent-teacher conferences. Just me and the kids and whatever sub plans happen to be lying around.


Yay, me!

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