Flea Market

I tried to get my entire family to join me for an outing today, but it ended up being just me and my hubby. That’s fine, really. Probably more enjoyable that dealing with the kids, too, but I was disappointed. It’s been forever since we’ve all done something together…


We headed to the Elephant Trunk Country Flea Market. This is a real flea market full of all the antiques and collectables and odds and ends that you would expect to find at one. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the piles of dishes and serving sets, toys from my childhood, vinyl albums and VCR tapes, hurricane lamps, bottles, signs, rugs, clothes, and other assorted treasures. We came across an Underwood manual typewriter, in nearly new condition, mint green, for $30. We didn’t buy it, and now I wish we had. I found similar ones on eBay going for $60-100, and their condition wasn’t nearly as good. This seems like a good excuse to go back again soon.

We stayed until a light rain started to drive vendors away. It was fun. I highly recommend.

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