Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

A strong and well-functioning Professional Learning Community has the potential to accomplish a number of profoundly impactful things for both students and faculty.  A PLC and embraces the idea that a school should ensure learning for all helps teachers balance the challenge of ensuring students have mastered essential outcomes while simultaneously covering required course content.  […]

On Differentiation

Everyone’s learning journey is different. Through personal goal setting, regular open communication, and one-on-one mentoring, I assist my students in finding the learning methods and techniques that work best for them.  In the classroom, I strive to be both a facilitator and a delegator. Through regular conferencing and small-group interactions, I help students identify their […]

Strengths & Weaknesses

As a new teacher, I am very aware that there are many things I don’t know yet, and I look forward to forging relationships with my fellow educators, administrators, and district experts who will help me learn and progress. However, my experience outside of public education provides me with insights into the business world, where […]

An Outstanding Teacher

I believe that an outstanding teacher takes the time to form relationships with her students. By taking the time to develop connections with students, a teacher can identify interests and needs and open communication lines so that she can best support her classes. I strive to accomplish this by talking openly and honestly with my […]

My Philosophy of Teaching

As I have studied and explored the many pedagogies that come in and out of fashion in education, two have greatly informed my theory of instruction.  They reflect what I saw the excellent teachers do and provide me with the foundational skills and attitudes that carry me forward in my studies.  I believe a combination […]