Autoboyography by Christina Lauren: Initial Impressions

Things I noticed right away—I like the colors on the cover art. This may seem silly, but the cover is an important enticement, and this one is bright yet soothing and hints at romance. The couple on top suggests this is a same-sex romance. Is the writing process going to be the metaphorical mountain they climb together along with their self-discovery? I like the wordplay I’m the title. My curiosity is piqued.

Reading the back panel got me even more curious. A bisexual teen in Utah is going to have a hard time. And Provo, Utah?! Oh boy! And then falling in love with a Mormon boy… I’m concerned and intrigued. Will it go well or badly for them? Will his love be reciprocated? How will family/friends react?

Diving right in, my first big question is, how familiar are most readers going to be with the LDS faith, and how is the faith going to be represented? How well did the authors research the subject? Answer: whether readers are familiar with Mormonism or not won’t matter too much. The necessary background and references are provided when needed, and yes, the authors did their homework!

The novel is an easy and engaging read. It jumps right into important and sometimes sensitive subjects without “cringe” or preachy-ness. It provides excellent lead-ins to potentially powerful discussions on topics ranging from “otherness” to what it means to be authentic to issues around sexuality, faith, stereotypes, bias, and the meaning of family. So far I’m enjoying it very much!

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