An Outstanding Teacher

I believe that an outstanding teacher takes the time to form relationships with her students. By taking the time to develop connections with students, a teacher is able to identify interests and needs, and open lines of communications so that she is able to best support her classes. She does this by talking openly and honestly with her students both within and outside of the classroom. She mentors students one-on-one and encourages communication and collaboration among students.

Outstanding teachers collaborate with their colleagues and welcome feedback and assistance. They recognize that others may see things that they haven’t noticed, experienced things they haven’t and have valuable insights to share. The best teachers are empathetic and always willing to work with students and colleagues, helping them achieve their goals.

I believe that an outstanding teacher is passionate and knowledgeable about her subject area and able to communicate that passion to her students. She is enthusiastic about education, honest about her experiences and her journey, and eager to aid her students on their journey towards becoming life-long learners. She demonstrates the skills and techniques that effective learners use, scaffolds students as they begin to put these techniques into practice, and encourages students to practice the techniques that work best for them.

An outstanding teacher is flexible, able to make quick decisions and adjust her approach or method smoothly. She knows that even the best-laid plans often go awry, and is willing to make changes to accommodate her class and their needs. She is confident enough to admit when something hasn’t gone right and is able to mistakes as opportunities to teach trial and error, perseverance, and continual learning.

Most importantly, an outstanding teacher enjoys her work and appreciates what each student brings to the classroom. She is as eager to learn from them as she is to share her own knowledge. An outstanding teacher knows that everyone is unique, valuable, and capable of accomplishing great things.

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